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How to cover up the seam of two backdrops.

Using a backdrop is one of the first things you learn in food photography. A backdrop is used to prevent taking photos on messy countertops or tables. When two backdrops are joined, the seam provides a harsh line and looks unattractive. It stands out the most when using two different colored backdrops. I will show you how simple it is to cover up the seam.

You most likely already have this item in your home. Find a piece of linen, cloth, or lightweight tea towel. It needs to be soft and flowy. Please do not use a heavy-weight material. It will not photograph nicely.

Select a solid color, nothing with patterns or multiple colors. It cannot be distracting. You want your dessert to be the main focus. I often use white linen since it's a neutral color.

My favorite type of fabric is bubble gauze cotton fabric. I purchase it by 1/2 of a yard at Joann's. Remember to use your coupon for extra savings. 😉

Then, I take the linen and lay it by the seam. Make sure not to lay it flat. Provide some movement by gently laying it down and playing around with it.

Snap away and enjoy your photo.

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Until next time,

Chef Irenea

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