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How to purchase the best backdrops.

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

The main prop you will own and use consistently. Most of the other props will be used sparingly. I suggest starting with 2-3 backdrops: white, solid color and marble or textured. This allows you to stay consistent without overdoing it and confusing your customer.

Things to consider when purchasing your backdrop.

1. Understand your brand aesthetics, the visual aspects of your brand such as color, design, and feel that identifies your brand.

2. Select backdrops with a matte finish vs shiny.Shinny reflect light, matte in the other hand photographs much better.

3. Be mindful of the size of your dessert vs the backdrop size.Tiered cakes and tall items will require larger backdrops.

Backdrop options, the possibilities are endless

  • Poster board from your local craft store

  • Foam board

  • Matte PVC photography backdrop

  • Vinyl backdrops from Ink & Elm

  • Textured leather fabric

  • Contact paper

  • Wood scraps

  • Tiles

  • Fabric

  • Curtains

  • Scrapbook paper

A backdrop is the main prop you will own and use consistently. When searching for the best backdrop, keep the following in mind, your brand aesthetics, matte vs. shinny, and dessert vs. backdrop size.

Watch the live video here.

Download our step-by-step prop guide here.

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